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The Obama Brewery

Brewer With Sake Bottle

The Obama Brewery was formed following the merger of two breweries with a combined history of over three centuries in Japan: the Yoshioka Brewery (established in 1830), and the Itsumi Brewery (established in 1862). It is located in scenic Fukui Prefecture. The current location of the brewery is at the original premises of the Yoshika Brewery.

The Obama Brewery sources its ingredients exclusively from Obama City, which it was named after, drawing its water from the Minami River, and its rice from local farms.

While other breweries place the bulk of their resources and focus on their top-end products, and in some cases, limit their products to sake of ginjo-grade and above, the Obama Brewery gives the same attention to all of its products, even the cheaper ones, which ensures that one can enjoy the sake they produce at a range of price points, with the assurance that they are not drinking an inferior product.

The Master Brewer of the Obama Brewery is Io Mitsuhiro. He has a deep respect for the traditions of sake brewing, and has dedicated his life to making sake that people love. To this end, to add to his already comprehensive repertoire of skills, he is constantly working on his skills, alongside his colleagues, at the Obama Brewery.

In order to ensure the quality of its products, the Obama Brewery limits its production to 50,000 liters a year.