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The Tanizakura Brewery was established in 1848. It started off as a small brewery making sake used as offerings to the gods. At the time, only top-grade sake could be used as offerings. The brewery draws upon the inspiration afforded to it by the majesty of the surrounding Yatsugatake mountains, and the purity of the springs from which it takes its water. The brewery’s motto is to create sake kind to people, and kind to nature.

The Tanizakura Brewery takes pride in the superlative attention it provides to its sake from the point of polishing to the point where it leaves the brewery. It also utilizes a traditional method of pressing which occurs over the course of a few days as opposed to more modern methods wherein the pressing process is done in less than one day. While more labor-intensive, this process allows the resultant sake to be more aromatic, and have a clearer taste.

While adherent to traditional methods, the brewery is also capable of experimentation, and has produced new variants of sake using other ingredients such as sweet potatoes.

In 2016, the brewery won the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition hosted in Hong Kong for its Sakura Sakura.

The Master Brewer of the Tanizakura Brewery is Fujihara Kenichi. Kenichi has worked for over twenty years at the Tanizakura Brewery, after gaining experience working in numerous others. In the autumn, Kenichi leaves his hometown of Iwate Prefecture Japan, and departs for Yamanashi Prefecture where the brewery is located for six months, away from his family. He works throughout winter to produce sake of the highest quality before going home to Iwate Prefecture in spring when his work is completed.

The brewery’s annual production is estimated to be 90,000 liters.