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The Takenoi Brewery

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The Takenoi Brewery was established in 1865. It is located in Hokuto City, in Yamanashi Prefecture. As of present, six generations of the founding family have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the perfection of their craft. The staff at the Takenoi Brewery feels great satisfaction at being able to work in conjunction with nature to bring smiles to those who drink the sake they go to painstaking extents to perfect.

The Takenoi Brewery is notable for being one of 30 breweries, out of more than 1400 breweries in Japan, to be approved to use yeast derived from roses in the production of its sake. It is set further apart from the competition by being the only brewery that uses rose-derived yeast sake of the junmai daiginjo class. This is represented in its definitive, top-range sake: Saykoh. Sake made in this manner have a characteristic freshness and crispness that is all but impossible to imitate.

The Master Brewer of the Takenoi Brewery is Shimizu Koichiro. He has literally dedicated his entire life to sake, having been born and raised in Takenoi, and working in it now. He studied sake brewing at the Tokyo University of Agriculture, and spent 3 years working in other breweries before returning to Takenoi. Saykoh is his brainchild, and he is deservedly proud of it.

The brewery produces approximately 90,000 liters of sake annually.