[HARU Exclusive] Junmai Daiginjo Sakura 29


Sakura 29 is the fruit of the collaborative efforts between Haru, and the artisans of the Takenoi brewery.

It is an ultra-premium sake brewed to Haru’s custom specifications with the finest rice, water and technique available in Japan.

A 1000-bottle limited Junmai Daiginjo brew, Sakura 29 is only available through Haru.

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Sakura 29 represents the epitome of Japanese sake-brewing. Craftsmanship and nature come together harmoniously to provide an incomparable experience.

This masterpiece was painstakingly crafted by the brewmasters of the Takenoi brewery with masterful technique honed from over a century of tradition and excellence. To the artisans at Takenoi, quality is paramount. This is reflected in their commitment to producing only small-batch, hand-brewed sake. 

Nothing but the finest ingredients are used in the making of Sakura 29. The highest grade (toku-tō) of Yamada-Nishiki rice is polished to an exceptionally pure 29%. The famed, pristine waters of the Yatsugatake mountains, ranked amongst the top one hundred water sources in Japan, imbue Sakura 29 with a signature soft sweetness. The cherry blossom yeast infuses Sakura 29 with a uniquely mellow profile and floral aroma, utilizing a technique exclusive to only thirty out of over a thousand Japanese breweries.

Sakura 29 is best served chilled. While it can also be paired with a wide variety of dishes to excellent effect, its quality, character and flavor are best savored when consumed on its own.

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